About Neelam Sethi

Holistic Therapist

My Mission

I am Neelam Sethi and I welcome you to TOUCH-n-HEAL
, where you can find out how Su Jok, and my other alternative therapies, can help you manage pain and illnesses, as well as increase your overall sense of well-being...without expensive medications.My mission is to serve humanity with alternative healing therapies and to encourage a healthier way of life. This is the driving force with which I began my career and continues in my practice today. As a holistic practitioner trained in alternative, Eastern modalities I offer a mind-body approach to health that provides non-invasive ways to deal with bothersome ailments, through one-on-one personalized treatment sessions and easy, effective tools you can use on your own.


Originally from Mumbai, India, Neelam Sethi currently resides in New York City to bring her knowledge of eastern holistic therapies to people here in the U.S. A skilled professional who has undergone high level, practical training in acupressure, Su Jok and yoga, Neelam studied acupressure from Kalp Yocia Pariwar Institute in Ujjain, India, received her diploma in Reflexology and Naturopathy, and is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Yoga Mumbai, India.

In her journey to provide service to society, Neelam teaches Therapeutic Yoga and helps prevent pain and sprains using yoga asanas and breathing exercises. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, she has developed effective techniques to treat many illnesses. She has enhanced her skills by being trained in seed therapy, color therapy and magnet therapy and incorporates them into her healing programs. Understanding the need to spread knowledge of holistic approaches, Neelam also offers Su Jok Therapy Certification courses approved by The International Su Jok Therapy Association.



Diploma in Reflexology Therapy

Diploma in Acupressure

Diploma in Naturopathy

International Su Jok Therapy Association, India (2008-09)

Kalp Yoga Pariwar Institute, Ujjain, (M.P), India (1998)

Kalp Yoga Pariwar Institute, Ujjain, (M.P), India (1997)

Professional Education

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Specialist

Acupressure Specialist

Naturopathy Specialist

Indian Institute of Yoga, Santacruz, Mumbai, India (1999 - 2001)

Arihant Yoga & Natural Studies Institute, Ujjain, (M.P) India (Mar 98- Jan 99) Volunteer for the Camps at “BABA RAMDEV” Pitanjali Yoga pith, Haridwar (U.P), India.

Kalp Yoga Pariwar Institute, Ujjain, (M.P) India (1997 - 1998)

Kalp Yoga Pariwar Institute, Ujjain, (M.P), India (1996 - 1997)

Training and Skill Development



Mudra Therapy

Naturopathy Specialist

Su Jok

Ayurvedic Acupressure

Nutra Metrix

Anil Jani’s acupressure Clinic, Andheri (E), Mumbai, India

Trained in a traditional school of yoga that uses breathing exercise and postures for healing purposes to support specific organ systems

Trained to use this along with color, water and Ayurvedic remedies to strengthen the immune system

Trained to use Indian Ayurvedic systems prevalent in India

Trained in the holistic Su Jok method, which incorporates Seed Therapy, Color Therapy and Magnet Therapy as a way of treating chronic problems, like backache, knee pain, sinusitis, arthritis, asthma and migraine, without the harmful side effects of medications.

Trained at the International Su Jok Association

Trained as a Nutra Metrix consultant in advanced nutraceuticals.


Neelam Sethi offers Certification Courses in Su Jok Therapy for practitioners who want to include this holistic therapy in their practice and as well as an Introductory Course for people who want to have an understanding of this therapy and wish to continue treatment at home.

Introductory Course

A 1-Hr introduction and demonstration for people interested in learning basic information about Su Jok Reflexology and understanding how it can help with your health issues.

Su Jok Level 1 Certification Course: 8-HR Intensive

An 8-HR course for anyone interested in learning the basics of Su Jok Reflexology. Approved by the International Su Jok Therapy Association.

Su Jok Level 1 Certification Course: 2-Day Workshop

A 12-HR course for professional people interested in adding Su Jok Reflexology to their their practice. This certification is approved by the International Su Jok Therapy Association.