The Holistic Therapies of Neelam Sethi


I am Neelam Sethi and I welcome you to TOUCH-n-HEAL where you can find out how Su Jok, and my other alternative therapies, can help you manage pain and illnesses as well as increase your overall sense of well-being...without expensive medications. As a holistic practitioner trained in alternative Eastern modalities, I offer a mind-body approach to health that provides non-invasive ways to deal with bothersome ailments, through one-on-one personalized treatment sessions and easy, effective tools you can use on your own.


What is Su Jok?

Su Jok is a Korean form of acupressure combined with reflexology that uses our hands and feet as correspondence systems. These systems are highly active points connected to every area of the body. When stimulated, energy waves are passed to the corresponding organ and to the brain to provide fast relief of many types of pain and management of the symptoms of certain illnesses.


Holistic Therapies

A mind-body approach to health, that includes altternative therapies, is proving to be very effective in managing, and often healing, pain and diseases that were previously unresponsive to traditional modalities. I offer these therapies, most in conjuction with Su Jok Therapy, as part of my holistic program, in one-on-one personalized treatment sessions to help you live a healthier, pain-free life. READ MORE


Anaha Products

Purchase Su Jok tools and holistic products I have created, or use in my therapies,

for easy, effective ways to manage pain and other health concerns...on your own!

Visit my online shop, Anaha, which in Sanskrit means "living in health."


Events and Courses

Visit me at health fairs and other events where I feature my products and services at special rates. I also offer Certification courses in Su Jok Therapy Level 1, for practitioners who want to include this holistic therapy in their practice or people who want to have a deeper understanding and wish to continue their treatment at home.

Media and Links

View instructional videos to better understand how my services and products work.

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