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Welcome to Touch N Heal, where you can  find out how my alternative therapies can help you manage pain and illnesses, as well as increase your overall sense of well-being  without medication.


The traditional allopathic system of medicine, as useful as it is, is not always effective. And, when you add the costs of doctor's visits, hospitals and prescription drugs, it can be extremely expensive.  In recent decades, people here in the western hemisphere have come to understand and accept the value of eastern therapies as an alternative treatment of the chronic ills that afflict us.  Providing new hope to sufferers, these therapies use the system of  “integrative medicine,” a combination of tools that uses the best of current allopathic medicine and complementary, holistic treatments.


This new mind-body approach to health is proving to be much more effective in managing, and often healing, pain and diseases that were previously unresponsive. Among the alternative therapies,  Su Jok, Reflexology, Seed therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Color therapy and Ayurveda are already very popular in other parts of the world and are quickly becoming better known and used here in the U.S.  


These are the therapies that comprise my holistic program.  I offer them to you in one-on-one, personalized treatment sessions to help you live a healthier, pain-free life.







Neelam Sethi